A secure application dedicated to sexting has just been created

What could be more intimate and confidential than a sext? A secure application dedicated to sexting has just been created, it’s called Blyynd.

Sometimes seen as a way to make your couple last , or to escape from it without crossing the barrier of infidelity, sexting still poses a problem: that of security, especially with teenagers . We send each other naked, intimate photos, but how do we know what the other will do with them next? How do you also know if the application via which it was sent is “safe” and does not risk leaking this kind of images? To address these issues, a secure sexting application has just been created, says Neon, according to the presentation made at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.


A secure application dedicated to sexting has just been createdIt is called Blyynd , it is in the test phase (with 4,000 people) and it combines two essential ingredients to guarantee the security of your exchanges: firstly , everything is anonymous, secondly, no data backup is carried out by the French company, which ensures that conversations are encrypted. To combat revenge porn, the “screenshot” feature has been blocked . As a reminder, there is an emergency number against cyberviolence, 3018 . Another technology put in place: artificial intelligence to block racist or child pornography content.

To create a profile, you will not have to enter a photo. On the other hand, you will be able to give certain information concerning your wishes, or even choose the people with whom you wish to communicate. In his conversation, you can choose whether or not to receive photos of a sexual nature , there is a “safe lock” button, to block them. What if we lost our phone? The conversation would be deleted automatically, assure the creators.

All the Pleasure is Hers: A Documentary on Female Sexuality

This January 6, at 9 p.m., the Téva channel will unveil a documentary dedicated to female sexuality, called “All the pleasure is for her”.

“Female sexuality is mysterious”, “The female sex is complicated”, “There are two types of orgasms in women: vaginal and clitoral”, “Women have less libido than men”… The clichés on female pleasure would be difficult to enumerate in their totality as they are numerous. To try to wring their necks, the Téva channel will broadcast a documentary this Friday evening, signed Sarah Fournier. Objective: unlock the secrets of female pleasure.


All the pleasure is for her has the merit of addressing the question of female sexuality on a TNT channel, and of participating in popularizing the plurality of experiences, as well as the knowledge of a sexologist , interviewed in front of the camera. Téva is not at its first attempt in terms of programs related to sexuality, it notably hosts a program called OrgasmiQ . This time, the approach is different: a group of people are followed through a sort of feminine sexual labyrinth, reminiscent of an exhibition, with rooms that explore the different themes: masturbation, desire, the senses.

Each one is filmed as they discover the sets and are questioned about their own experience throughout the spaces. Which gives a little the impression of reality TV candidates who discover their “house of secrets” and dilutes the subject of the documentary . We spend almost more time commenting on the atmosphere of the rooms than listening to testimonies. The illustrative jokes – a cat that drinks milk when the nickname “pussy” for the female sex is mentioned, ladybugs that fornicate… – do a disservice to the film which gives the impression of escaping from the heart of its subject.


The multiplicity of subjects is not so much due to the sequence of rooms as to the gallery of profiles that have been chosen. This is one of the strengths of documentaries. We meet, for example, Lucy, a transgender woman who talks about her pleasure after having benefited from a sex reassignment operation . She compares sexuality with a penis to that which she has discovered for several years with a clitoris and a vagina, explains that the latter is more “multisensory”.

In All the Pleasure Is For Her, we also meet a couple of homosexual women, a heterosexual couple, two young men who recount their experience with female partners, but also a practicing Muslim woman who testifies to her traditional upbringing “where sexuality is taboo”, where the latter is presented as a “chore” , where it is associated with something “dirty” and “painful”. didn’t exist. No one has ever spoken to me about it!”, testifies with modesty the young woman, who suffered from vaginismus .

Another woman testifies to the difficulty of building a sexuality when one has been attacked as a child. She was 13 years old and lived a great fear of sexual intercourse afterwards, before going through another phase, that of the hypersexualization of herself.

A young woman is present with her 79-year-old grandmother, to whom she shows how to use a sex toy in the room dedicated to masturbation. If the scene is touching, it is especially the comment of this elderly lady which is interesting: “At the time, I did not have this kind of stuff and I made do with a carrot and a condom”. She also testifies to having had an orgasm only about three times in her life. The opportunity for the documentary to explore the monstrous gaps in women’s knowledge of their bodies and their sexuality over the generations . The sexologist also takes the opportunity to point out that women are gradually regaining power over their pleasure.

The cast is interesting, the profiles are rare, but everything is lost in an atmosphere worthy of a reality TV show. Maybe there is also too much information for such a short format? All The Pleasure Is For Her could be an interesting introduction to a more extensive series.

The pleasure is all hers : to be discovered on Tevan on January 6 at 9:00 p.m.

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