These are the top 5 attractions of London

London is a place that has so many tourist attractions and landmarks that are popular around the world. If we try to make a list of all these landmarks, then we can surely come up with a very long list. Well, I may not be able to cover all the landmarks of London in a small article, but I can certainly share details about the most popular landmarks of this amazing city.

Tower bridge: This is a 125 years old bridge that is standing tall in London since 1894. This bridge is a combination of suspension and Bascule Bridge that makes it unique and attractions of Londonamazing in its category. Tower Bridge is located close to Tower of London and people have been using this bridge since a very long time for crossing Thames River. This is one of the most popular landmarks not only in, but around the world as well. So, we can say this is one of the landmarks that you can find in this city.

London Eye: This is the largest giant Ferris wheel in entire Europe and it’s the second largest in the entire world. This one line is enough to explain why this is one of the most important landmarks of London. The top height of this wheel is almost 135 meter from the base and it is 120 meter wide in its diameter. From top of this Ferris wheel, you can see half of the city easily.

Big Ben: When we talk about Big Ben, then people assume this is the name of the clock. However, this is not true because big ben is the nick name of bell that give the sound to the clock. This place is also known as clock tower and that is one of the most iconic landmarks in London. This tower is more than 155 years old and people from around the world travel to London for watching this movie. So, that is certainly one of those things that make it an important place in this beautiful and amazing city.

Buckingham Palace: Although, queen do not live in this palace yet this is known as official residence of queen of England. At this point I am not going to talk about the residence

part, but this is definitely one of the most important and well known landmarks in London. Good thing about this place is that people can actually go and they can watch the palace without any problem.

St Paul cathedral: This cathedral is one of the oldest cathedral in London and that makes it one of the historical landmarks as well. I am not saying this cathedral is as it was found in 604 AD, because many disasters damaged it many time. However, people of this city did their efforts and they made sure this cathedral get a new life every time. The most amazing thing about this cathedral is that this was the largest and highest building in city for almost 300 years and only modern day buildings took this title from this cathedral.

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